Modern office equipment facilities should be coordinated with the needs and wishes of the choice of materials used in furniture production spectrum and taking into account the office staff functions.
We produce standard and custom packaged office furniture. Standard furniture for work stations taking into account the needs of environment and other requirements, forming a working space can be combined and interconnected. Non-standard furniture gives more opportunities to maximize the use of non-traditional spaces spatial resolution, the expression of  individuality through the aluminum-colored metal parts and the transparent and opaque glass.
According to the nature of employees in order to avoid the bustle in the office, area should be properly classified by a separate working spaces. This works very well for the possibility of partition.

Desk in the office can not be just a functional piece of furniture , but the accent at the same time. The design of the table according to the need convenient option of performing a separate function tables: the main work surface, a subsidary – to work with computer and desk for visitors through the diversification of construction glass and non-traditional design of the feet.
We offer You a sliding door and adjustable cabinets. Applying aesthetic minimalism, spatial resolution and functionality of an office closet can be a useful and stylish, in addition to change the open and closed shelves in a structure which will provide a distinctive image of the office.

Our office furniture products retains modernity aesthetic and ergonomic principles. We also produce furniture for institutions and organizations whose activities are specific and have certain requirements of structural and functional decisions.

Our clients:
•    Vilnius county Governor;s administration;
•    PPĮ Gelsva;
•    AB “Audimas”
•    Chapter VSDF Alytus;
•    Vilnius Gediminas technical university;
•    The ministry of Lithuanian Republic Special investigation service;
•    Lithuanian Veterinary Academy;
•    Other.